In 2019, GracePointe will be pursuing quarterly projects and partnerships as opportunities to serve the greater Nashville community. Love is key to the culture of GracePointe, and justice and service naturally flow from it. We're calling these opportunities Inreach, believing that our capacity to serve is more than just reaching out–it's reaching within, both individually and collectively, to make a difference. 

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Over the next four months, GracePointe Youth is partnering with the Oasis Center’s Just Us program. Just Us is a program dedicated to creating and empowering a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ youth. Their goal is to help youth build confidence, celebrate their identity, and use their voices to create a culture of acceptance in our communities. Through the program's partnership with the Juvenile Court system, they have discovered that many transgender girls are arrested for shoplifting make-up as they seek to present themselves as the girls that they are. GracePointe Youth will be collecting makeup, especially makeup skin tones for young people of color, and donating the collection to Oasis so that they have the supplies necessary to get ahead of this issue. Donations can be dropped off downstairs in the GP Youth room.

GracePointe Kids

Over the next four months, GracePointe Kids is partnering with the Nashville Humane Association. NHA is committed to finding responsible homes, controlling pet overpopulation, & promoting the humane treatment of animals. NHA is in need of supplies to make their efforts to care for the animals in their custody possible. GP Kids will be collecting items from the NHA Wishlist. Donations can be dropped off at the GP Kids bar. Gift card donations to be used towards the purchase of wishlist items are welcome as well.


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