GracePointe Kids seeks to provide a safe environment for all children in which they can learn that they are loved by their families, their communities, and by God. We strive to create space for questions and exploration as children grow into and live out of their belovedness. We believe all children are born loved by and safe in God and work to teach them how to live their life in remembrance of that very fact.


Finding a curriculum that reflects our beliefs and promotes inclusiveness can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve taken on the task of writing our own. Our curriculum focuses on having healthy values and understanding ourselves and our community. We emphasize the message that Jesus is loving and inclusive without condition and God is not shaming or blaming or separated from anyone. Our lessons are inclusive so that each child sees themselves and their families reflected in the concept regardless of their own background. We emphasize the belovedness and inclusion without distinction of every person and encourage the full expression of their identity


GracePointe Kids is made possible by a wonderful family of volunteers. For the reassurance and safety of our community, all of our volunteers receive background checks and safety training. The GracePointe Kids Policies & Procedures Manual is available to view upon request. If you are interested in joining the volunteer family, please email Lisa Barton.



Children and Youth Director