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Hands & Knees Jesus

Have you ever been leaving the grocery store with a hefty sackful of goodies, praying it stays together just long enough for you to get to the car? But maybe it’s damp outside and your paper bag rips just enough so that your tender veggies and un-crunched bag of chips can no longer be saved. Or maybe the bag-boy with the un-finished high school education (God bless him) filled that thin, plastic sack to capacity and it just wouldn’t hold. I’ve been there! And of course, the groceries don’t spill out inconspicuously. It’s usually in the middle of the parking lot, where drivers must stop to wait on you, and it’s raining, and the milk jug bursts open, and I’m in my best Sunday dress or something like that! (Maybe it’s not actually that bad, but it certainly feels like that much distress and humiliation.)

As you scramble to save what’s left and get out of the way, while trying to avoid further embarrassment, a stranger comes along to save the day! And it’s usually one of two people:

  1. “The Inconvenienced Helper” – You know this guy… probably well-dressed with a sense of entitlement. He stands above you for a moment, hands on his hips, shaking his head at you, sighs and thinks to himself, “I guess I better help this poor person.” And he probably says something condescending and not very helpful like, “You know if you don’t pack the bags so full this won’t happen.” But before you come back with an equally smart alec remark, you remember he IS helping you after all. So you politely say “Thank you” and go on with the rest of your stressful day.
  2. “The Hands & Knees Helper” – He’s probably nowhere near you, but just within earshot and he hears the bag burst and the eggs hit the ground. Maybe he’s under the entryway – almost inside where it’s nice and dry. But he turns and jogs eagerly back into the rain to assist you. He doesn’t waste any time. He gets down on his hands and knees – no agenda or advice – grabbing and saving whatever he can. He may even help you to your car if he’s an outstanding citizen. He smiles at you with rain drops falling down his face and goes on with the rest of his day.

I was recently visiting a few churches that taught the idea of an angry Jesus – that not only does he hate our sin, but he looks at the “saved” in disappointment  when they fall away from him YET AGAIN. As if Jesus has his hands on his hips, sighing and shaking his head thinking, “Guess I better get them out of this mess again.”

But my personal understanding of Jesus is so different! It was hard for me to sit back and let these congregations be fed an idea of an angry, un-loving Jesus! Yes, Jesus had his more abrasive moments, but overall do we really think he lived and died for us out of only duty and obligation??? Or was love his driving force?

I believe our God is a god on his hands and knees… desperately wanting the best for us and meeting us in the dirtiest, most humiliating places to give us his best. I certainly don’t believe he removes sin from our lives and trades it for shame on our shoulders. I don’t believe he heals a wound only to create another. He removes it all. And he WANTS to do it. And that sure  does help me to love and forgive myself and others a whole lot more. I think that’s what He’d want.

I believe in a hands and knees kind of Jesus.

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