My wife and I have a 15 year old at home. That means he has his learners permit. We are trying to let him drive as much as possible, so when the time comes for his solo days we will have some sense of peace and comfort for him as well as the rest of Nashville.

He is going through all of the usual things. Breaking late and heavy. Taking off like a jet. Turns that resemble more of an “L” shape than a gradual arc. His senses are yet to be tuned in for distances and anticipation of the unexpected. I try to tell him that you are constantly looking for what isn’t supposed to happen. Of course, he smiles, nods and has that look on his face. You know the look, it’s the same one you gave your parents years ago. The one where he is saying to himself, “I think he is crazy, but if I smile and nod this will all be over soon”.

I had the thought the other day how his driving now compared to years down the road kind of mirror my and maybe your spiritual journey. I know for me as a young person getting behind the wheel of faith was a little crazy. I thought I had to do everything right. Every turn, every law observed to get home safely. Now I think back on that thought process for what it was. I was a young man that had never walked my own path, but followed the prescribed path due to a fear that there is only one way things are done.

So as Evan rounds off the corners in his turns and blends his brake and gas a little smoother, I will be doing much the same thing in my quest for God, taking an odd turn here and there, sometimes go a little too fast or break heavily for no apparent reason as I travel.

My faith leads me to the thought that the only wrong road would be the one where I don’t search for God. The one where I don’t ask questions and learn. Where I don’t search and shape an understanding that rings true in my heart of hearts. For me, that is the road that leads home.

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